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Mixtapes is a multi queue music player with smart mixes! Mixtapes works with your local music library or Apple Music library saved to device.

Multiple queues

Multiple queues let you keep your spot in multiple albums or playlists at once, and switch between them easily. Listening to one album at the gym and want to keep your spot in it rather than starting again? Use a queue for the gym, work, relaxing or anything else you want and toggle between them. Perfect for staying in the zone and context switching between different places or activities. Each queue remembers your music, shuffle, repeat settings and where you’re up to.

Smart mixes

Smart mixes auto update based on the conditions you set. Smart mixes can be created from conditions like genre, artist, year and each time you open the app they update automatically. Create an 80’s rock playlist and if you add music to your library the mix will update itself!

Family friendly mode

Want to be able to hand your phone to the kids to set the music without wanting them to play explicit tracks? Set your phone to shuffle in a public environment? Now you can with family friendly mode. Quick and easy to toggle on or off from settings, lockable with Touch ID or Face ID, and hides all explicit tracks from your library.

and more:

  • Full dark mode support
  • Customise app icon and color theme

Mixtapes Pro:

The app is designed to be fully usable without the Pro subscription, so that the subscription only enhances the app and is not required for the app to be useful.

Mixtapes is part of the Not Evil Ads network and shows privacy friendly ads to support development! Your data is not aggregated in any way, the minimal data needed is to approximately show in what region an ad was seen and on how many devices. You can remove these ads with Mixtapes Pro.

Pro features

  • Remove advertisements
  • Additional colour and app icon customisation

If you have an idea for the app or are missing a feature please get in touch or on Twitter @jknlsn, I’d love to hear it!

Happy listening!

About the developer

Hi, I’m Jake Nelson.

I’m an aspiring indie developer from Perth, Western Australia. I want to build my own apps and make it easier for other indie devs to build and monetise great apps!


Any further questions please contact or on Twitter @jknlsn